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Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus

Given an extremely liberal interpretation, Edgar Cayce’s version (vision?) of the story of Jesus parallels much of the Bible. This consists of excerpts from the countless life readings the sleeping prophet dreamed up and even the most skeptical will have to give some credit to the marvelous tapestry of events and characters presented. But they will be stunned to discover that Mary was one of twelve maidens selected by the Essene sect to serve as the virginal vessel for the forthcoming “”entity.”” The “”entity”” known as Jesus Christ, had, according to Cayce, gone through a number of previous incarnations appearing as Adam, Enoch, Joseph, to name a few, and he had also completed a cycle of perfection involving not only earthly lives but planetary lives (Mr. Cayce’s universal view couples religious and astrological aspects). Believe it or not, Edgar Cayce is a continuing phenomenon and with the dawning of this Age of Aquarius, you can look for waves of interest. Particularly on the campus.

Edgar Cayce (Author), Jeffrey Furst (Editor)
ISBN-10: 0425103277
ISBN-13: 978-0425103272

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